Friday, January 10, 2014

Exotic Flower (Final Project)

Step One- Find a picture (any picture) of a flower, then duplicate the background layer.
  Step Two- Go to the Lighting Effects (Filter>Render>Lighting Effects)
Step Three- While still in Lighting Effects, select Flashlight in the style drop down bar.
Step Four- Create a new window, named "Text".
 Step Five- Select the Text icon and type something.
Step Six- Blur the text by using Motion Blur (Filter>Blur>Motion Blur)
Step Seven- Apply the Wave effect (Filter>Distort>Wave)
 Step Eight- Apply Guassian Blur (Filter>Blur>Guassian Blur)
Step Nine- Move your text to the flower layer.

Step Ten - Apply the Watercolor Filter to the Flower Layer (Filter>Filter Gallery>Watercolor)

                                 Finalized Project